[Resolved] D65 Crashing Asterisk

Just received my demo D65 today and connected it to our phone network.

As soon as I select the existing Asterisk server to get it’s configuration from, Asterisk crashes.

On our server, we are running FreePBX 6.12.65-32 with all modules updated. This includes Asterisk 11.21.1 and DPMA 11.0_2.1.1

The D65 is running firmware

Besides upgrading our FreePBX installation, any thoughts on troubleshooting?


You’ll have to upgrade.


particularly “Changes for 2.2, DPMA Changes, Issues Addressed:”

Provide compatibility for forthcoming phones firmware 2.x releases. NOTE: Use of phone firmwares 2.x with any version of DPMA prior to 2.2 will result in Asterisk segfaults.

So…you’ll need to upgrade your version of DPMA. The D6x phones can’t run older 1.x based phone firmware.

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Upgrading solved the issue