Cyber-Wrt first good PBX for rooter

I’m please to introduce my last Job
Cyber-Wrt is embedded PBX in DD-WRT rooter with a custom complet GUI
it have also our software Cyberhotel module: Hotel taxation Gui
and captive portal system for wifi acces

check here :

Interesting, but can I ask is this Asterisk based?

Yes sure it’s 100% Asterisk 1.4 based

For technical informations

Main router Firmware: DD-WRT
Processor: Broadcom
Linux sources: Optware
Voip server: Asterisk 1.4
Aditional Asterisk package: Asterisk-Perl
Web server: Lighttpd
Databases: Mysql
Captive portal is build on Iptable it use cron and arp to make the job.

Thanks. Do you have any plans to upgrade to a more recent version of Asterisk?

All support for 1.4 having ceased about six months ago!

Asterisk 1.8 is available on optware package, but 1.8 have nothing more to make the job better
I build many hardware with asterisk including professionals softswitch for operators (my main job)
and as many dev I have never moved from the very strong and reliable 1.4.

I’m please to inform about last version available on sourceforge

Cyber-wrt is embedded Asterisk on DD-wrt router

  • Traditional PBX custom GUI light and usefull

  • Hotel Module
    - check-in / checkout Billing
    - Preloaded door-entry IVR system
    - Room DID on IVR + CODE system or unique DID each room
    - Housekeeping
    - …

  • WIFI captive portal embedded

    • Check-in auto account
    • Guest accounts
    • Bandwidth contrôle, choice to offer full Bandwidth or limited to each customer
    • Add permanent Mac adress auth
    • Email password system with opt-in
  • Network Advanced administration

    • Double Wan advanced feature
      • Permanent routing Voip on Wan 2
      • Dynamic routing rules and auto backup on any Wan failure

And finaly Cyber-wrt let also the traditional powerfull DD-WRT Gui available for any other
high level network administration.