Asterisk@home on WRT54GL


I’ve installed an openwrt RC6 on my Linksys WRT54GL. I 've added the packages asterisk and asterisk-voicemail. All of that seem to be fine.

But in order to simplify my pbx’s management, I would like to use asterisk@home instead of asterisk.

Is it possible ? Does someone try to do it ?


unlikely. AAH (now called trixbox) is asterisk + AMPortal (now called freepbx?) + other stuff. You MIGHT get amportal (the gui) to fit in the router but I wouldn’t count on it.

thanks !

it’s what i thought … :cry:

You may want to have everything on a server and then have it connect to the router.

i just want to have an integreted asterisk on a small office router. A pluggin Asterisk exists for openWRT but a@h seems to be not available due to the small size of the NVRAM (only 4 MO :frowning:)


juju: I believe the Netgear WGT634U has support to hook up to it memory via USB.

Thanks Dovid

i’ve seen that you can also add a SD card on WRT but i’m not very confortable with solderings :laughing: :laughing:

I have an ASUS 500g (i think), which is openwrt compatible and has 2 USBs, so if you want, you can give it a try. Anyway the CPU is about 125-200MHz, so im not quite sure how many (1) calls can you make :smile:

my asterisk run on 400MHz…
a single call need approx 1-5% of cpu (most calls use 1.5%)
i can handle 10-15 calls without any problems …


and btw…
i use dd-wrt (w/o asterisk…)
forget about asterisk … if you use p2p software :stuck_out_tongue: