Creating a power dialer with no technical experience

hello, I am looking to create a power/predictive dialer that is easily integrated as a web application as a SaaS product.

as mentioned above I have very little technical experience so I am just hoping to get some guidance in the right direction.

I am looking for advice on how:
-to develop this software
-to integrate this software to a website once it’s done being built
-how much this will cost over time
-how and where to find developers for this
-alternative methods of achieving this goal
-and more…

but most importantly the platforms I will need for this?
ex. asterisk+wordpress+AWS…

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS. if you are interested in having a 1 on 1 with me to guide me in the proper direction. I will happily PAY you for time - just shoot me a text with your fee for a 1-hour video chat session.

My first reaction is negative. ‘Oh god no. The world does not need another dialer.’

My second reaction is 'Have you researched the field and found all available existing solutions lacking and why?"

:sweat_smile: and yes! I am aware of the specific niche audience I’m looking to attract, what they need and what I need to give them to make this successful… these people make hundreds of calls but have no idea that these systems even exist. so I was looking to create a service that is directly targeting these specific individuals.

the problem is that I have no idea how to create these products…

if you are aware of any courses you can point me to, I would really appreciate that as well!

or even just a guide on the platforms I need to use to make this a reality…
ex. Asterisk+wordpress+AWS… I can research the platforms you suggest :slight_smile:

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