Create Users and Phones via API

Hello, we created a software which makes customers of cisco CUCM the administration much easier. Because a lot of customer dont want to pay the prices from Cisco and Microsoft, they are more and more interested in Open PBX Solutions like Asterisk. Because we want to deliver our customers a solution to also add phones to a new Asterisk system with our software, we search for a solution to create phones and other user related configurations via an Asterisk API.

To be honest, i dont found if this is possible with Asterisk. Maybe somebody from this community have some tipps for us and can help.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards

That is outside the scope of Asterisk. Asterisk has no concept of users or even phones really. That’s something you create.

There is various software built on top of Asterisk, e.g FreePBX, which is a mixture of open source together with optional closed source components, and which create PABX abstractions.

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