Please help to create my first Ip phone network

I am new on Asterisk or FreePBX it will be great if someone can explain what is the relation between them.

I installed FreePBX firmware with service pack:1 and my goal is to create FREE Ip phone in my organization.
Is it possible, and if yes how?


If you are using FreePBX then you should consult their forums and resources instead. FreePBX is a GUI on top of Asterisk that configures it.

FreePBX includes a large amount of static dialplan code, and the dynamic configuration it produces relies on that and is limited by that.

The VoIP system will only be free for internal calls.

Hi David,

Thank u for your replay
Yes i know that it would be free for internal calls,
do you have any step by step configuration for FreePbx ?


Never used FreePBX, and as pointed out, this is the wrong forum.

Generally, step by step instructions will be provided with the standard documentation. If not you should expect to pay consultancy rates for people to write and check them.