Is asterisk right for me?

Hi guys i thought i would ask the community here to get some reviews on the asterisk system to see if its right for my business.

Im looking for a VOIP systems that can run over the network i have inplace with eaither network phones or ideally a dialing platfrom on the workstations.

Iv seen callcenters that have the headsets comming from the computers and dailing software on them, i want to recreat this for my business.

Only think is im quite a noob with luinx systems and all the workstations are windows, what i can tell from reading the asterisk guides is it runs best on luinx systems, i dont mind learning it and dual running the system with the current isdn that we have but how do i find out about tariffs or call plans with this sort of system is there any you can reccomend?

Anyone who can point me in the right direction for a starter on these points i thank you now .

regards steve

Hello Steve

As per your business requirement i think you have to use Vicidial Now (Predictive Dialer based on Asterisk for call center solution otherwise general Asterisk IP PBX system Asterisk Now) .

Both are available for free and easy to setup. You can take community help to configure your Asterisk system.