Context 'LocalSets' tries to include nonexistent context 'parkedcalls'

I have a problem with parking call.
I have defined context parkedcalls in feature.conf and add include => parkedcalls under my internal context on extension.conf but when i reload the dialplane i have this error in asterisk cli:
Context ‘LocalSets’ tries to include nonexistent context 'parked calls’
what other setting i must to do?
thank you

The failing include has a space in it.

thank you, but i have already try to type


I have already tried:

include =>parked calls

But not work

If you are using Asterisk 13.X call parking configuration is done on the file res_parking.conf, . Configuration for call parking through features.conf for versions of Asterisk 12 and beyond, is no longer supported.

I wasn’t saying it should have a space, I was saying you had an include that did have a space. As Localsets is not standard, there is not much more that can be said without seeing your actual configuration.

Thank you…I have create the file res_parking.conf and i have put under default this setting:
Parkest =>700
Parkpos => 701-720
Findslot => first
Context => parkedcalls
On exentension.conf i have add on dial app the t and T to allow the transfer.
In this way when i press # during a call the system told me that transfer process is in progress…but after few second the voice tell me thar the transfer is not possible bacause “internal exentions in not valid”.
I can’t understand why…
Can you help me?

in your features.conf, what do you have defined for ‘parkcall’ under your ‘[featuremap]’ area?

Change your dialplan to use the ‘K’ and ‘k’ options vs ‘T’ and ‘t’ and try using the mapped feature for parking instead.

;blindxfer => #1
;disconnect => *0
;automon => *1
;atxfer => *2
;parkcall => #72
;automixmon => *3

i don’t have modified any value; sorry can you write me an example about your suggest?

I have resolved…!!!

Uncomment the #72 option for parkedcall and do a features relate to enable it.