Calls cannot be unparked

I have the following setup to do call parking in an environment:

I’ve added the following to features.conf (does this even do anything since res_features is deprecated since 1.4?):

; I suspect this doesn't even do anything
parkext => 700
parkpos => 701-710
context => parked-calls

I’ve added the following to extensions.conf:

  ;This correctly parks the call:
  exten => 700, 1, NoOp(=-=-=- ${EXTEN}@${CONTEXT} -=-=-=)
  exten => 700, n, Park()
  exten => 700, n, Hangup()

  ;This never gets executed:
  exten => _*X., 1, NoOp(=-=-=- Attempting to park a call! -=-=-=)

I’m starting to think the stuff I added to features.conf did absolutely nothing at all, because if I remove the explicit handling of extension 700 (in main-extension-routing), I can’t even park the call. This would also explain why I never see parked-calls priorities go through the debug CLI.

So Park() works correctly, but if I park a call at 701 and hangup then dial “701” from a another phone in the CLI I can see that 701 is getting routing just like any other local extension and unparking fails. Am I supposed to move the parkext/parkpos/context into [general] in extensions.conf or something?


You need to include parked-calls in your contexts. You should not define that context, yourself.

Thanks David! Added that one line in now everything works. Thanks a million.