Parking context?

Hello !

Is-it possible to create some other contexts in features.conf ?
I have 2 groups of users in 2 different contexts (in extensions.conf) and i would like to have :
801 -> 810 parkings for group 1
811 -> 820 parkings for group 2

i have created my context in features.conf :
parkext => 800
parkpos => 801-810
context => parkedgroup1

but when i include it in extensions (include => parkedgroup1), it does’nt found the extension number 800 …

Could you help me pleaze ?
Thanks a lot !

No solution to my problem :frowning:

One problem with this in a comercial environment is that there is only one parking lot (my term) to park the calls in. Therefore, if you are providing VOIP service to your customers and customer A puts a call in the parking lot then it calls him back and tells him “transfer 701”, customer B can dial 701 and pick up customer A’s parked call. There is no built in way to distinguish one call on park from another in relation to who can and cannot pick up a given call. There is also no way in the Dialplan to determine which parking space (i.e. 701, 702, etc) the call was placed in. If even that small thing was available, and a viable way to use it in the dialplan (remember, when the call is parked, the dialplan is paused on that priority), the account code for the customer could be saved somewhere and a filter could be written to filter out one customer from answering another customer’s call.