Contacts editable on Digium phones?

Contacts from the central phone book can be edited by the user on her very phone. I heard rumors that this were possible on Digium phones via DPMA. How does one enable that?


(I used to be a CLI & vi only person but ended up on freepbx now)

Negative. Contacts retrieved from a server cannot be edited locally.
There is an extremely limited capability for local contacts but it’s not feature rich and its use is discouraged - hence the lack of supporting documentation.

The D-series phones are designed to load a remote set of contacts, with the idea that those contacts are best manipulated on that remote server.

Makes sense, thanks very much Malcolm!

(It feels good to be back here after 11 years since my last post;)

and btw: Is that you on top of the contacts list in the D80 presentation video?


Just ordered a few, seems like lovely hardware.

Aye :slight_smile:

Some of those are real employee names, same are fake.