Contacts in asterisk 14

I have recently upgraded from asterisk 11.2 to 14. My server is headless with no GUI. All my phones are registered to asterisk and work very well. They were registered using DPMA.
I have been working my way through res_digium_phones.config. My last serious remaining problem is contacts. I wish to edit the contacts.xml file on my desktop machine using an xml editor and GUI. I have therefore placed the file in the user’s base directory of my desktop machine. I have in the network context of res_digium_phones.config: file_url_prefix = http://yarelea:“passwoed”@ someone could point out any errors in this or just as good tell me what works for them.
on doing a core reload I am getting:
Added extension ‘auto_hint_6002’ priority -1 to internal_users
– Added extension ‘auto_hint_6001’ priority -1 to internal_users. which i believe is correct.

Nothing abnormal about this.

w.r.t. user/pass in that file_url_prefix, that wasn’t supported by phones until firmware 2_3_4.

That also means it gets applied to any phone using that network.

For contacts, you should be able to specify the absolute URL in the contact phone type parameter, e.g.

That might make things easier.