Digium Switchvox Contacts Issue

Hello, I need some help. We have a digium switchvox system. We just upgraded our gateways and switches in all offices. However now all of our external offices are unable to view any contacts on their phones, (predominately Digium D45’s) They can place and receive calls but it does not even show the internal directory. In addition if you try to use any application on the phone it says:

“Error communicating with server please check the network connection and/or try again.”

Please let me know if you have any ideas that I can try I have been wrestling with this for the last week with no success. Thank you for your help and time.

Switchvox is a commercial product which is not supported by the open source community.

You should start at https://www.sangoma.com/support/switchvox/

My apologies the website sent me here.

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