D80 phone issue

I hope that this is the place to post this. We are running a Digium/Sangoma phone system with a mixture of D65 and D80 phones. Recently, I upgraded our DHCP server and imported all of our old settings. All of the D65 phones still work perfectly fine with no issues. However, the D80 phones stopped grabbing DHCP (even though all of the setting and parameters both on the phone and DHCP server side are the same).

I can get the D80 to connect to our phone system using a static IP on each phone but some of the features such as favorites and contacts cannot be pulled up. (it just sits there and spins). Any clues on what I need to do to get these to work again?

I suggest:

  1. Explain more about “I upgraded our DHCP server” - from what and to what?

  2. Do a packet capture on the network (on the DHCP server itself if you can)
    for the DHCP discovery, offer, request and acknowledgement, and see which stage
    the D80 fails at.

If you were able to set up a test environment with the old DHCP server and a
D80 to compare against, that would also be instructive.


It was a DC swapped out from 2008 to 2012. The DHCP settings are identical in that I exported them and imported them via powershell so I know that every single setting is the same.

I can try to do a packet capture, but I am wondering why my D65’s work just fine while the D80’s are not.

I found this in the archives.

Does anyone know why these phones can’t use static IP or even better why they can’t pull up favorites or contacts when using static IP? It doesn’t really make sense why they have to be dhcp.

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