Digium D80's, the Digium Phone API, and Smart BLF functions

We have purchased a handful of the new D80’s for testing in our pure Asterisk environment (versions 11, 13, and 14) and already have a large number of users that desperately want one on their desk just based on looks alone. We would love to start deploying these but need to know if there are any plans in the near term to have an incarnation of the Digium Phone API added to this line of phones. We have built an Active Directory integrated phone number directory system using the API for our D40, D70, and D60 models that works really well and is heavily used and we don’t want to lose that functionality for the D80’s.

We also have deployed several of the more exotic Smart BLF functions for our D70 users. The D80’s don’t currently support many of those features either.

Can someone at Digium give me any idea of future plans for the D80 line and, if they exist, what the timeframes for rollout might be? Thanks!


We’d be interested in learning which (specifically) Smart BLF functions you’re making use of. The capabilities are quite extensive.

We’d also be interested in learning which API methods you’re currently using with your app.

You can write us using phonefeatures@digium.com

The software between the D80 and all other models of Digium phones (except our mobile clients for iOS and Android) are radically different. Between that, and the totally different UI in the D80 vs. the other models of phones, a direct port of the current Phones API isn’t practical.



You posted to the public community forum here. I’d meant that you should send an e-mail to phonefeatures@digium.com

…which you’ll need to do because those attachments didn’t make it. So, if you’re browsing this community using an e-mail client, don’t just reply to me. And don’t make a new posting to this community. The primary purpose of this community is to provide guidance about Asterisk.

Send a new e-mail to phonefeatures@digium.com with your note, and with your attachments, and several folks in Digium (the right people) will get your request. Posting here means that it’s seen only by me, and some of the Asterisk software team - not all the people building phones.

Sorry about that Malcom, I inadvertently cc’d the forum address on my email that was addressed to phonefeatures@digium.com. I got a bounce from that address complaining that my email contained insecure attachments so I’ll try again with plain text versions of the attachments. Thanks for helping me get this into the right hands!


No worries.

And, thank you. :slight_smile: