Connecting to Asterisk via bluetooth Cell through client PC

i have a asterisk server setup at my home on a server running LINUX (UBUNTU)

and i have a laptop with WINDOWS XP SP2

and i have a bluetooth enabled phone with SIP SUPPORT i.e. nokia N73

What i want to do is …

Mobile Phone ----BT—> LAPTOP ----WIFI-----> Asterisk Server

Because i cannot cannot directly connect to Asterisk Server Its out of reach from my ROOM using BLUETOOTH…and i dont have a WIFI PHONE …

did you get the solution?

I am Mohan .

I have done this long time back but dont know weather will solve ur probs or not.
You can do it the following way.

Requirement :-

Mobile Phone ----BT—> LAPTOP ----WIFI-----> Asterisk Server

1 ) Make a link between Your Mobile Handset and Laptop using PAN profile of BT, which will give you a networking link where you can have IP address allocated to it .
so the IP address for bluetooth adaptor configured through PAN on LAPTOP is say
2) IP address configured for Bluetooth adaptor link on the Handset is say
3) once the link is working you can use the ping command to test the network connection between LAPTOP and MOBILE. Once this is through
4) Laptop is connected to asterisk server through the WiFi which will have some ipaddress assigned to it.
4) Setup a route On laptop for exchanging the requests between the LAPTOP Blue tooth adaptor( and WiFi adaptor(XX.XX.XX.XX) .
5) This way you will have a indirect visibility of the asterisk server . Then you can use your existing mobile sip client after configure the sip settings for asterisk server . This way you can use it.

Cheers …
Mohan W
Pune ( INDIA )
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