Mobiles/WLAN with Asterisk

Hello All,

I need some advise with using asterisk with mobile phones. Here is my setup.

  1. I have installed configured asterisk as a sip gateway server.
  2. I have configured extensions and I can make calls using softphones. I use x-lite software to make calls from my pc.

My question is

  1. I would like to use mobile phones to make VOIP calls (SIP) and also make regular calls. Which mobile would be suggested.
  2. Also I have Wireless LAN at home so I need some suggestion as to which mobile phones can connect through Wireless LAN and also make VOIP calls through my SIP gateway server. Any suggestions on this.

Any of you done anything similar?


for this plz check ur PM

You can get a phone that supports any number of SIP clients out there. You can also create an IVR or use DISA to mak calls out from your PBX. An easy free SIP phone that works on mobile phones is fring.

I have tryed a LOT of PDA/Smartphones, with different sip software, but really there is only one who makes the difference, it is N95 from nokia. The thing is that you dont need to click or, tap the touchscreen to register sip client, or to enable wifi, and then call out just “number>option>TOIP call” wifi enables itself> registration>call. Another thing, best audio quality ever heard. Ony one pb with it, the price.

P.S i dont work for nokia.

I wont touch Nokia. One reason: I HATE SYMBIAN !!! There are not a lot of “admin apps” out there for it. I need control of my phone.

control your phone? what are you talking about? it is just a phone not a terminal server, as for me i need to syncro my contacts, and call with it :wink:

For that reason I have two phones. A basic Motorola and then a PDA to manage everything remotely.