./configure libjansson development package is missing

I have asterisk source at /usr/src/asterisk

Running off CentOS 5.9

Ran the ./configure command and it gets stuck at:

How can I resolve this or at least track down the problem? I have installed all development tools I think, but my asterisk configure gets stuck here each time.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Which version. It isn’t used at all in 1.8 and it looks like it is optional in the trunk version.

Does ./configure --help offer an option to disable it.

You need development libraries, as well as development tools.

Downloaded asterisk-10.12.1 and I do not get stuck at that spot anymore, thanks!

libjansson’s a trunk thing. There are still some issues being worked out with that, notably that it requires jansson 2.4, and most distros are still on 2.2 as their main distro package.

My test box is CentOS 5.x as well. I assume if I download JSON source that I would be able to compile Asterisk? If so any specific URL to download it? I want to help with testing of Asterisk 12.

You need libjansson 2.2 or greater. If your distro doesn’t have it, you can get it from the maintainer (digip.org/jansson/)



Thanks. Perhaps this should be in the README? I believed I looked there for this and didn’t see it.

I don’t mean to thread hijack but what is needed for this on CentOS?

Depends on: pjproject(E), res_pjsip(M), res_pjsip_session(M)

I know it’s PJSIP but what package or where can I get it?

See - wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … sterisk+12

Notably - The new SIP stack and channel driver uses a particular version of PJSIP. Please see Installing pjproject(1) for more information on installing and configuring PJSIP for use with Asterisk 12.

(1): wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … +pjproject


I’m installing latest Asterisk on fresh CentOS 7 base install.
I’m new to Linux and Asterisk, I go by O’Reilly book and do everything from scratch.

I understand that I need to get libjansson and get it installed. Unfortunatelly, for me it’s like a rocket science :smile: I assume it’s pretty much a simple thing to get code, compile and install but I never done it before. Is there any pointers or instructions on how I should do it?


If it’s provided by your distribution, you can just install that package. If not, you can compile it manually:

jansson.readthedocs.org/en/2.7/ … ng-jansson