Compiling asterisk-15.1-5 on centos 7.4

Using freshly install Centos 7.4, have downloaded asterisk-15.1-5, from, clone to /usr/src/asterisk-15.

pjproject stated that as of asterisk 15, didn’t need to download it, default would be bundled.

./configure - errors out with

“checking for embedded pjproject (may have to download)”
“configure: error: patch is required to configure bundled pjproject”

Here is my log;

Appreciate any assistance I can get.

It will automatically download the supported version of PJSIP and apply any patches. As the error states, though, you need the “patch” application in order to use it.

Thank you for that speedy response;

Sorry, the patch application? I’m looking at,

Am I looking at the correct information to move forward?

That is developer documentation for upgrading the PJSIP version that is shipped with a version of Asterisk. It is not meant for end users and is not applicable.

The “patch” application is available from a package in CentOS.

If you ran contrib/scripts/install_prereq, it should have installed “patch” for you. If you didn’t run it, you should. You can get just patch with “yum installl patch”

Thank you again,

The states "configure: error: patch is repired to configure bundled pjproject"
Wouldn’t that mean pjproject patch?
If so, centos install and patch tool “yum” will not collect that data or update.
Can you direct me to white paper to get my on path?

After we download the pjproject tarball, we need to apply several patches, which are included in the asterisk tarball, to the pjproject source before we configure and compile it. To do that we need the “patch” utility 5to be available.

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Thank you, I’m reading thru that down.

Jon Kelly

Thank you Sir, took me a bit, but that was the doc that fixed me.