I need the jansson for asterisk

Hi all ,

i need install jansson before compite and install asterisk 13.2.0 ?

i´m using centos 7


Yes, Asterisk has depended on libjansson since version 12.0.

Hi Malcomd

can install before the pjsip our after ?


Asterisk 13.2 is quite old. We’d recommend that you use a more recent version of Asterisk and that you use the bundled installation method[1] of pjproject.

[1] - https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Building+and+Installing+pjproject#BuildingandInstallingpjproject-bundled

in which case you’d need to install libjansson before attempting to configure and install Asterisk.

Clarify something besides installing in asterisk 13.2.0 the pjsip also need to install jansson?


Asterisk versions 12 and greater require libjansson.
Asterisk versions 12 and greater offer chan_pjsip in lieu of chan_sip.
chan_pjsip requires pjproject.

pjproject doesn’t require libjansson.
Asterisk does.

If I were you, I wouldn’t install Asterisk 13.2. Asterisk 13.2 came out in February of 2015. The current version of the 13 releases is 13.15. You should probably use it.


I have a problem on my hands because I use sangoma card w400 to make gsm calls the problem and they have not followed up with the evolution of the patch to use this card.

Can you give me some idea of how to evolve the asterisk version?


That sounds like a developer question, for which you want the mailing list or IRC channel.

@david551, it’s probably something they should refer back to the hardware vendor; the developer community at large doesn’t typically solve hardware related issues.

I read it as a question on how to back port code that was not related to the hardware, even though the hardware may be locking them into a particular version.

Hi David551

I did not understand
can you explain better



the question for install asterisk 13.2.0 i need install jansson ?
But the people tell me that version is old and need install a new one , but the problem is , i´m using pci cards from sangoma Bri pci and gsm cards the problem that guys stop make a path for using gsm cards for new version of asterisk :frowning: .

Can you give an idea ?


Yes. For Asterisk 13.2.0, you need libjansson.

The “install_prereq” script in “contrib/scripts” seems could resolve all dependency.

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