CentOS 7 - AsteriskNOW installation Issues and need guidance

Dear Friends,

Do we have step by step installation and configuration guide for AsteriskNOW 10.13 32/64 bit on CentOS 7 platform.

We are facing issues in installation. If we have already open thread/or any link please let me know.

Appreciate all your help.



AsteriskNOW has to be installed on bare machine, so the existing OS is irrelevant.

Thanks ekrem and David. Let me try and revert in case further issues.

i’m a newbie to Asterix ( certified Asterisk 13.21-cert), when i install it on centos 7 and got an error message below:
configure: error: *** JSON support not found (this typically means the libjansson development package is missing).

Please do help me.

Install libjansson and its development package.