Configs for 57i with 560M

I would like to start a thread to put the configs for the 57i’s & the 560M’s. I have spoken with Aastra this morning, and they do not have any documentation on the configs. Here is what I know so far…

  • very similar to 480i
  • the top 6 keys are just like the softkeys
    and they are called topsoftkeys
  • the sidecar is done as following
    • expmod{1,2,3}page{1,2,3}{left,right}: “Label”,
      so the right column on the scend screen of the 1st
      sidecar would be expmod1page2right
    • the keys are just like the softkeys, but referenced
      expmod{1,2,3} key{1-60}


wouldn’t a page on the wiki be a better place to keep these ?

I was thinking that things could get hashed out in near time here, then cleaned up to be put in the WIKI. I may be wrong?

up to you … it just seems a shame to put the effort into a thread only to see it drop out of sight v. quickly. collaboration is what the wiki is all about, and there could well be more input from a wider range of users.