Anyone know avaliabilty of Aastra 57i or a sidecar for a 480

I really need/want a side car for the receptionest & for one or two execs in the office. Anybody have any news/rumors about the 57i or a sidecar for the 480i?

I see that they are out. Has anybody used one yet?

Well I ordered a 57i & a 57i CT with a 560M for each of them. If anyone else has used them, I would like to know what they have discovered about the configuration.

We have them available @ our store- So far I have only tested the 57iCT + the 560M sidecar and the 55i … hones.html

My first impressions are + and since we actually use and support for free every device we sell, I figured that I would give them a go and post my findings here for the entire Asterisk world to enjoy.

So far we have tested them with…

Switchvox (Asterisk) – Technically “not supportedâ€

Thanks for all the feed back. My 57i’s & 560M’s will be here tomorrow. I will post back my thoughts once I get them up and running.

WOW! So far so good. The phones look way better in person than the pictures that are online. The screws to hook the 560M to the phone is small, and made of a cheap soft metal, but I was able to gently screw them together. Once screwed tightly, they are solid. I am trying to find the configuration information for the tfpt files. I was able to just rename my 480i CT’s cfg file to the mac of the 57i CT, and I was up and running.