Digium Phone idle softkeys

Can the Digium Phone API access the idle screen softkeys? I would like to replace one of the buttons on the idle screen, but keep the functionality of all other items on the screen.

When on the idle screen, users apps aren’t in the foreground, they’re in the background, so they don’t have access to the softkeys. If you want to manipulate softkeys when the phone’s at the idle state, then you’ll have to edit the phone’s keymap. We don’t generally publish information on it, because we don’t generally want to support people in making their own custom keymaps. But, there are hints about it here:


where you can see a little bit of the keymap element.

What’s currently set for the idle state is:

<state id="idle">
        <key id="0" action="missed_or_call_log"/>
        <key id="1" action="show_application" label1="_CONTACTS">
        <key id="2" action="show_application" label1="_STATUS">
        <key id="3" action="info"/>
        <key id="4" action="show_application" label1="_PARKED_CALLS">
        <key id="5" action="show_application" label1="_QUEUES">
        <key id="6" action="forward_calls" label1="_FORWARD"/>
        <key id="7" action="menu"/>

That’ll at least give you a hint towards bringing your application forward.

Having said that, do please contact Digium’s Support department http://www.digium.com/support with questions about Digium’s commercial products. They’re the place to go, rather than the community forums here, focused on Asterisk.

Thank you. Much appreciated!