Config files reset to default after downtime

So yesterday evening I had a system downtime. After the system went up again I checked the asterisk and it was running. However till now I did not notice that ALL the config files were restored to their default ones.

After opening CLI I saw a lot of WRONG PASSWORD errors. Because I keep sip accoounts in LDAP I check if my slapd was running it was.
After checking the sip.conf I noticed that it was restored to the deault.
I restored an old sip.conf with all accounts still defined in it.
I tried making a local call but a EXTENSION NOT FOUND error appeard. After having a look at the extensions.conf I saw it was all back to it’s default. Good Luck I had a, though old, backup.

Please tell my why asterisk went to reset all the config files.
Notice that it was not clean shutdown that lead to the downtime but a hard power cut. Still though this is not supposed to happen.


Are you running asterisk on a virtual server? Do you have snapshots or similar enabled? Your issue may be with your VM Host.

There’s nothing in Asterisk to really do this on such a grand scale. In fact, it doesn’t even have the samples built into it. That leaves something external. Are you using a package? did it update and potentially reinstall the samples? a make samples was invoked maybe?