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I bought a new server to virtualize some of my machines. My asterisk box is one of them. I loaded Centos_8 , VMWare and then Asterisk. All went well. But when I go to etc/asterisk there are no configurations files. It is empty and asterisk is running. Is there another directory where the files would be? Anybody see this before?

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Probably obvious and already considered, but:

  1. You mean '/etc/asterisk/' right?

  2. Are you on the right VM?

  3. Would 'sudo find / -name asterisk.conf' yield a clue?

  4. How about 'systemctl status asterisk’ or 'cat /lib/systemd/system/asterisk.service'?


I appreciate the come back. Yes, Sir; right machine. I checked. ect/asterisk no files. But Asterisk is running. Moot point now. I deleted that machine. Start from scratch.

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Just redid the whole deal from scratch and no files in etc/asterisk again. When I do the find command, asterisk.conf is usr/src/asterisk-13.37.0/configs/basic-pbx. I did not make samples or make basic-pbx commands. Is the etc/asterisk directory empty until I create them?

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I did a "make samples " command. etc/asterisk is full of config files now. Who would have thought?


'make config' should take care of startup script cruft.

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