Lost Asterisk configuration

Good day my problem is that when I reboot the server or I register a new extension, the settings I put in sip_registrations.conf is lost, not how to make settings remain permanent hopefully I can support


Asterisk configuracion perdida

Buen dia mi problema es que cuando reinicio el servidor o bien doy de alta una nueva extension, se pierde la configuracion que puse en sip_registrations.conf, no se como hacer para que la configuracion quede permanente ojala me puedan apoyar


Likely, you’re using some sort of GUI management system that writes those configuration files itself. Is that it?

if correct use graphical interface I walk through the web and if I register a new extension when saving is when I deleted the entire file and is the sip_registrations.conf like new without the changes that had already done and not as make these changes remain even when I change via web.

not if I explain well hope can help me either as I supposed to do for them to stay.


sip_registrations.conf isn’t a file that Asterisk produces. You need to talk to whoever builds your GUI on top of Asterisk.

What I’m doing is an interconnection between two PBX Asterisk via SIP and all is well log servers in the sip_registrations and if gro communication detail is that when I add a new bony telefono other SIP extension is when you delete me all the configuration, the configuration of sip_registrations.conf I make from the console and the extension from the web interface as modified from the web interface is deleted when I sip_registrations.conf data file, and brings me mad because I could not make changes remain permanent.

I hope you can help me thanks.

I’m using Elastix version 2.3 and then log file is where SIP Trunks to link two PBX Asterisk, because I parecemas via web complicated, if anything I’m doing wrong I appreciate you have know.


I think your machine translation went wrong and I can’t understand the result. It includes at least one untranslated word.

However, as has already been said, this appears to be a problem with the GUI, not with Asterisk.

Ok, and if a word was wrong in translation and if the problem is in the’ll check GUI