Communication between Asterisk and IMS and PSTN?

Hello everyone,
I’m new in asterisk, and currently I’m develop a solution webrtc and integrate the WebRTC + Asterisk + PSTN. My question is, it’s possible to communicate between Asterisk and PSTN ? … “I think that yes”… but how asterisk access to a PSTN telephone ?

please send me feedback… :wink:

Asterisk was initially developed for direct connection to the PSTN. Digium sell a range of interface cards wll allow both digital and analogue interfaces to the PSTN. Other people do, too. There are also services that provide remote connection to the PSTN using SIP or IAX, and you can get separate devices that will do this locally.

You need to read, particularly the external connectivity chapter.

Thank you.
I read but i’m not reach the configuration ideal.
Exist other example ? One tutorial?
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