How to call PSTN lines

Guyz newbie here!

I already setup asterisk and got it running over x-lite. I can make calls over our private network using x-lite.

Now my problem is how to call PSTN Line using my current setup?

What are the .conf that needed to be set?

Thank you guyz!

You’re going to need to provide a little more information.

How are you going to connect to the PSTN? Do you have a card from Digium (like a TDM400 or TDM2400)? Is your service provider providing VoIP?

Let us know and somebody will be able to help.

We have an existing PBX.

I setup asterisk and got it running over our network by configuring the sip.conf, iax.conf, and the extentions.conf.

I used x-lite for sip and idefisk for iax configurations and i can make calls from PC-to-PC.

  • This is basically my question since we have an existing PBX, my problem is how to connect/configure asterisk to communicate with our existing PBX?
  • Is it necessary that our provider should provide VoIP?
  • Isn’t it the job of the asterisk when configured?

Guyz i need help!

Just a newbie and not familiar with telephone system specifically PBX Architecture.



It is nice to hear from other people also learning this asterisk:-)

But bro have you forgotten that Asterisk is software PBX and not just
ordinary but brilliant PBX. and if i were you since we are same newbie
forget your existing PBX unless its asterisk and focus to the new world
of Asterisk.

And by the time that you are expert try to link that existing PBX:-)

newbie or not - you should connect software with hardware.
Asterisk with PBX - of cource depends what is your PBX.
Asterisk is as already mentioned software PBX.
No body could put directly in software cables - this is why Digium and some other companies provide necessary PCBs and drivers.

Read AsteriskTFOT.pdf

[quote=“testshifter”] - This is basically my question since we have an existing PBX, my problem is how to connect/configure asterisk to communicate with our existing PBX?

I believe there are three popular ways to do this.

1 - You can use your existing PBX as a gateway to the PSTN. This MIGHT save you some money, and it can be done, but you are also setting up several failure points and this probably shouldn’t be attempted by a “newbie” in an enterprise environment.

2 - You could buy some other external hardware (a VoIP gateway) to connect the Asterisk to the PSTN. This is only slightly more complicated than option 3 below, but if you can get enough PSTN conversations using option 3, it will probably save you some time and headaches.

3 - You need to buy hardware that installs into your Asterisk box. Digium sells hardware for T1, E1, and POTS. Find out what kind of PSTN connections you have going into your existing PBX, and buy the hardware that supports that protocol for your Asterisk. Once you’ve made it to that point, read up a little more and you’ll probably have your answer.

Hi Friend,

No Idea you still got your desired answer or not. but, since you said, that you have no idea about PBX architecture, so i guess, i could help you out bit;

What you have yet configured is like Intercom System.

Lets discuss your existing PABX, it has two phases, The one is Extension and other is Trunk. In your asterisk, you have already configured the extension phase, now you need to add up some trunks.
You need to install FXS card into your Asterisk Server (from Digium or any

If you have any other VoIP hardware you may also connect the same for your purpose.

You may contact me on my personnal account, if you feel i can help you out.

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