Asterisk to PSTN


I have a use case where I want to call PSTN numbers and do text to speech via Asterisk. I’m looking to do this primarily for Singapore. Does anyone have any recommendations on the VoIP (SIP) providers I can connect Asterisk to for this capability? It seems like Skype for Business may work, but it’s unclear if there is a problem here because Digium’s website says the agreement ended, but maybe that applies to Digium supported products, not for open source Asterisk.

Does anyone know more about this Skype for Business integration with Asterisk or alternate providers that may work with Singapore phone numbers? I found this Skype integration document … 91565.html. If you have any tips on if that is the most recent and if it works, that would be great.


I believe the only legal way of connecting Asterisk to Skype is by using Microsoft’s SIP gateway to Skype, which I believe is chargeable.

I’m in Italy, I’m new to Asterisk

I’d like to connect a pc with debian linux and asterisk to my pstn line (telecom italia) to make text to speech calls

I’d like to understand if it’s possibile and which hardware I have to buy
(I have some old modems 56k which work well with linux but it seems they are not compatible with asterisk…)

please help me!!

Digium make a range of PSTN line cards for PCs. That was the original use of Asterisk! These are extremely compatible with Asterisk.

You can also use third party SIP to PSTN gateway devices.

I wouldn’t buy an internal card (like pci card)…
I’d like to buy something external? are there?
could you please indicate some external cheap gateways I could buy to do what I want to do?