Asterisk to PSTN

I am newbie on Asterisk.I have installed one asterisk in our company and work well for internal call.I intend to connect this internal network to PSTN in order for our users can call outside.what are solutions there for this purpose??? please notice I do not have many money :wink:
thanks for any help or guidance


  1. How many users?
  2. How many calls do you make, how many minutes per day?
  3. Who are you calling, what type of business?
  4. What result do you want/need?

You could buy Digium hardware or maybe SIP or IAX trunks from a VOIP provider.

It is hard to know without more information.


thanks for your attention
I intend to implement on various company with various usage.
our users on companies are 5 up to 150 users and any user will call 5 hours per day
I want to replace old PBX with IP PBX with the same quality
thanks for any help or guidance

well you can have analog lines or isdn or isdn30 lines if you wan’t a configuration for your parrent situation we need more info, how many lines do you have on your old pbx and what type?