Comedian Mail won't hang-up if mailbox number is not valid

Hi everyone,

Hope someone here can help.

It appears the if someone enters a invalid mailbox number and with random password, even after 3 attempts with the same invalid mailbox number the system won’t disconnect the call.

maxlogins is set to 3

This seems to only apply to valid mailbox login attempts.

I would like to have the caller disconnected after 3 failed login attempts to any mailbox whether valid or not.

Currently I have someone calling in on the 800 trunk 0.03$/min and the line is staying open for 3602 seconds. They are getting to comedian mail but are not hitting a valid mail box and are not getting disconnected.


I seem to remember this being a fixed bug. What version are you using?

We are running Asterisk with FreePBX

We have not done updates on any of the modules for over a year, as our system is very stable, and we are concerned that updates as good as they are, may just cause trouble. Is there a particular module I should update to fix the bug? (Our voicemail module is at

Many thanks to everyone here.