Mailbox issue

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an annoying issue with my asterisk mailboxes. As soon as I reach the mailbox of an extension, I get the nice asterisk lady telling me that I can leave a message. And everything works fine if I leave a message. Fine.

BUT, if I choose to hang up before the bip tone, asterisk keeps the line open and the extension gets a message with a continuous biiiiiiiiiip tone that last forever.

How can I fix this problem. I don’t want asterisk to record a message if I hang up before the bip tone! Obviously…

Thanks in advance for your help!

did you have a parameter set for minimum length of the message so that it eliminates the short messages where callers hang up e.g.:


Yes I do have this parameter, but asterisk doesn’t seem to detect than the caller has hanged up. The message is a continuous unclear bip tone (the same you get when you pick up the phone).

Any other idea?

Guys, I really need your help!

When I open the CLI on the server, I can see what Asterisk is doing. And I noticed that, as soon as I reach the mailbox, asterisk doesn’t detect anymore when I hang up! So it keeps on writing a new voice file with nothing in it but the land line continuous biiiip… And then after a while, I can see :“User hung up”, finally… How come?

Help eagerly wanted! Thx!

I fixed my problem. I had to Enable Tone Disconnect in my Grandstream config page and put the mimessage to 5 sec in Asterisk.

Thx anyway!