Cisco patch questions

After quite some time I’ve gotten many features working on my Cisco phones(7970 and 7961) with Asterisk using the patch developed by Gareth.

There are a couple of things left that I would like to nail down:

1.Directories/Services keys

The author kind of touches on it but doesn’t really explain how this is all put together- what files you need to create and where to put them, etc. I’d like to know if anyone has had success creating directories and services for the Cisco 7961, 7970 and 7975 and how they went about it.

2.Multicast RTP paging

; Multicast page 301, 302 and 303
exten => 380,1,SIPCiscoPage(301&302&303,om( ${CALLERID(number)}))

He mentions this piece of config above for using Multicast RTP streaming on Cisco phones but each time I attempt to execute the page it crashes Asterisk. The unicast paging method works fine. I’m thinking this could be a version mismatch issue. I’m using 13.11.2 and the patch is for 13.10.0.
I’ve not had any problems with any of the other features I’m using despite this.

Does anyone have any tips?


Not sure but my problem with Multicast RTP may be this:

I will have to test tomorrow and find out.

Yep. The problem with RTP multicast was exactly what was talked about in the thread I posted above.

I basically changed this:

exten => 380,1,SIPCiscoPage(301&302&303,om( ${CALLERID(number)}))

To this:

exten => 380,1,SIPCiscoPage(301&302&303,om( ${CALLERID(number)}))

Totally worked. No more crashes! Thanks JColp!

Now I just need to get these services/directories figured out.

You’re… welcome? :smiley:

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Lol. You helped without even knowing you did!

That’s just how awesome @jcolp is. :wink:

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This part of my post is sort of resolved. To have this working seems to depend greatly on which web server you use to serve the XML files.

I had attempted to use both apache2 and tomcat7. It didn’t work with either, but I have a feeling that’s something I’m doing incorrectly config wise.

IIS on Windows Server 2012 works right out of the box. So I’m going to do some digging on the other two web servers because, seriously, who wants to use IIS?!