Multicast RTP paging & receiving on multicast VOIP phone

As i am working with paging and multicasting,i had configured the paging group (8400) to stream RTP multicast ipaddress ( by adding the below mentioned line to the extension.conf file

exten => 8400,1,Page(MulticastRTP/basic/

While calling to page group 8400 i found that it is called to basic RTP multicast,

*CLI> == Spawn extension (DLPN_DialPlan1, 8400, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/6000-00000000’
== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
– Executing [8400@DLPN_DialPlan1:1] Page(“SIP/6000-00000001”, “MulticastRTP/basic/”) in new stack
– Called basic/
– MulticastRTP/0x481e58d4 answered
– <SIP/6000-00000001> Playing ‘beep.gsm’ (language ‘en’)

But i cant able to see any multicastRTP stream to a destination, while capturing in wireshark, so my doubt is that whether i can able to receive the above mentioned multicast RTP stream ( if i connect a cisco VOIP phone capable of listening multicast address (

Please try the Asterisk Support forum for these types of questions:

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