Cisco 6921 with Asterisk - XML file issue

Hi, first post so hope its in the right place…

I have been using asterisk for some time successfully with various sip phones including the cisco 7940.

I have a few Cisco 6921’s that I’m trying to get working with asterisk. I have so far managed to convert the phone to SIP69xx.9-4-1-3 but I’m struggling to get hold of a working XMLDefualt.cnf and SEPMAC.cnf files needed to configure them, and was hoping someone here has successfully managed to do this and could help :smile:

Many thanks in advance.

Just wondering if you ever got the correct config files to work? I am having a lot of trouble.

Currently i am facing dead voice issues in my asterisk server.
I have checked RTP debug and it says Sent RTP P2P packet to x.x.x.x:xxxxx
When i turn on mix monitor that p2p rtp issue vanishes(no voice issues), i have googled about the issue,
I know the bridging types in asterisk,