[Solved] Cisco 7970 & Astertisk

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Hi all,
I have a 7970 and Asterisk working (somewhat) together.

I cannot call the 7970 from any other VoIP phone in my network, except for the first time.
For example, if I reboot Asterisk, and then call my 7970 from my 7940, it will go through. But after I disconnect the call, if I try to call it back it will do directly to voicemail. I have no idea what to do from here. Any insight would be great.

Also, it would be awesome if someone is willing to send me SIP files for the 7970, 7940, 7905, and 7911 in a PM. If you’re willing, please PM me for details. I’m having a very hard time finding these files.


After working with this for a few hours, and contacting Cisco via email for a newer version of the SIP firmware, I’ve fixed all the issues I was having.