Cisco 7960G after reset to fact.def talks no SIP anymore

To have a defined config on the Cisco 7960G I reset the Cisco to factory defaults. I configured it to dhcp enabled, entered a proxy ( otherwise the phone is unprovisioned for what kind of reason ). It has a SIP name.
After reboot no registering in asterisk although the config files are correct.
Sniffing shows only the CDP, (G)ARP and DHCP protocols but I don’t see the SIP protocol.
The Cisco gets its address and netmask from the dhcp server (on the Asterisk server ).


Is there anything more to be configured, thus after reset to factory defaults, to let the Cisco 7960G talk SIP.


Check to make sure that the factory defaults are SIP and not setup for call manager. To do this, go to status and check and firmware version. If it isn’t SIP, changing it to SIP can be a pain because there’s multiple steps to get it to the latest SIP firmware.

I have create 4 TFTPBOOT folders which I use to upgrade. If you need help, let me know and I’ll get instructions and send the TFTPBOOT folders in a rar file…