Cisco 7960 using Asterisk+Skinny


I have a Cisco 7960 and wants to register to my Asterisk but I’m having serious problem with configuring it. I’m just testing around and for the moment I dont want to use SIP-image so I have to use skinny as I know.

My Configfile for my phone looks like: (“MAC ADRESS” is changed to the macadress of my phone)

-------------------My SEP “MAC ADRESS”.cfn------------------------------------

SIP Configuration Generic File (start)

Proxy Server

proxy1_address: “my IP for my Asterisk server” # My asteriskadress
proxy2_address: ""
proxy3_address: ""
proxy4_address: ""
proxy5_address: ""
proxy6_address: “”

Line 1 Settings

line1_name: “Corleone” ; Line 1 Extension\User ID
line1_displayname: “Corleone” ; Line 1 Display Name
line1_authname: “Corleone” ; Line 1 Registration Authentication
line1_password: “Mypassw” ; Line 1 Registration Password

Line 2 Settings

line2_name: “” ; Line 2 Extension\User ID
line2_displayname: “” ; Line 2 Display Name
line2_authname: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 2 Registration Authentication
line2_password: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 2 Registration Password

Line 3 Settings

line3_name: “” ; Line 3 Extension\User ID
line3_displayname: “” ; Line 3 Display Name
line3_authname: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 3 Registration Authentication
line3_password: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 3 Registration Password

Line 4 Settings

line4_name: “” ; Line 4 Extension\User ID
line4_displayname: “” ; Line 4 Display Name
line4_authname: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 4 Registration Authentication
line4_password: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 4 Registration Password

Line 5 Settings

line5_name: “” ; Line 5 Extension\User ID
line5_displayname: “” ; Line 5 Display Name
line5_authname: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 5 Registration Authentication
line5_password: “UNPROVISIONED” ; Line 5 Registration Password

Line 6 Settings

line6_name: “” ; Line 6 Extension\User ID
line6_displayname: “” ; Line 6 Display Name
line6_authname: “UNPROVISIONE” ; Line 6 Registration Authentication
line6_password: “UNPROVISIONE” ; Line 6 Registration Password

Emergency Proxy info

proxy_emergency: ""
proxy_emergency_port: “5060”

Backup Proxy info

proxy_backup: ""
proxy_backup_port: “5060”

Outbound Proxy info

outbound_proxy: ""
outbound_proxy_port: “5060”

NAT/Firewall Traversal

nat_enable: "1"
nat_address: ""
voip_control_port: "5060"
start_media_port: "16384"
end_media_port: "32766"
nat_received_processing: “1”

Phone Label (Text desired to be displayed in upper right corner)

phone_label: “Corleone” ; Has no effect on SIP messaging

Time Zone phone will reside in

time_zone: PST

Telnet Level (enable or disable the ability to telnet into this phone

telnet_level: “2” ; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled, 2-Privileged

Phone prompt/password for telnet/console session

phone_prompt: “Go Away” ; Telnet/Console Prompt
phone_password: “moomoo” ; Telnet/Console Password

Enable_VAD (1-enabled, 0-disabled)

enable_vad: “0”

Network Media Type (auto, full100, full10, half100, half10)

network_media_type: "auto"
user_info: phone

URL for external Directory location

#logo_url:” ; URL for branding logo to be used on phone display

SIP Configuration Generic File (stop)

in /etc/asterisk/skinny.cfg I have written:

----------------------------------- skinny.cfg -------------------------------------

device=SEP"My Mac Adress"
callerid=“Corleone” <810-234-1212>
linelabel=“Support Line” ; Displays next to the line button on 7940’s and 7960s
line => 100
line => 110

I have made a trace (Ethereal) and I can se that my SEP"MAc adress".cfn is loaded.
TheC 7960 then displays “Defaulting CM to TFTP Server” and nothing more happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Regards /D_S

I am having the same problem, but am trying to flash the firmware from SCCP to SIP.

The phone says the same thing: “Defaulting CM to TFTP Server”

Did you ever get a solution?



No I didnt :frowning:, running SIP and having a SIP trunk to my Asterisk