Checking Zap channel status in Asterisk

Hi to all,
can any body tell me how to check the zap channel status in Asterisk 1.4.5
I’ve reinstall asterisk but when I issue the following commands it shows that there is no such command available
connected to Asterisk 1.4.5 currently running on 192 (pid = 2454)
Verbosity is at least 4
– Remote UNIX connection
192CLI> zap show status:0
No such command ‘zap show’ (type ‘help’ for help)
Althoug zttool confirm my card status as OK

Numan Khan :angry:

the command should be “zap show status”

hi thanks for the reply,
let me tell you that I also tried this command as
zap show status
but even it don’t work
is there any thing wrong with Asterisk Installation. I believe this is standard command and need to be supported instead of showing it as unknown command
any help or suggestion is highly welcome

Sorry, I dont have a 1.4 box handy to test this on to see if its still works in 1.4 but my guess is it should.

I saw in another thread your having issues with zaptel not being installed. Zaptel must be compiled before asterisk or asterisk won’t build in the support for zaptel.

Also please try not to hijack threads!

You asked question about using a clone card - my suggestion DONT USE THEM. 80% of all weird issues people have with zaptel seem to be related to them using a cheap clone card. Get a card from Digium or Sangoma and save yourself a lot of trouble. If you buy from Digium they give you FREE installation support and you help support the development of Asterisk.

you are in the cli right? (asterisk -r)

how bout ‘show channels’