Cheapest sip with unlimited trunking...?

Does anyone know where I can find the best and cheapest sip provider, that will ALLOW me to connect to it using trixbox, have unlimited local and national and unlimited trunking? For Vonage prices? Also, I need like 10 did’s which i’m willing to pay about $20/month for.

I see all these providers that have huge usage…once you start paying $500/month for did’s from any u.s. area code plus 20,000 minutes…it’s getting to be too much guys. Where are these providers?

well you have two basic types of companies- companies that sell lines and wholesale companies.

companies that sell lines and work with *- ie broadvoice quantumvoice viatalk etc… you pay a flat monthly fee of around $20us and for this you get one DID, 2-3 concurrant channels, and unlimited outgoing with your caller ID locked to your DID #.

wholesale companies (ie, there are many others) sell you the pieces. voicepulse for example sells you DIDs with unlimited incoming for $11/mo each, and outgoing (set your own caller id) for $0.005-$0.011/minute (half a cent to 1.1 cents… unlike verizon we know the difference between dollars and cents). Your account gets you 4 channels in and 4 out, but you can start a second account if you want. You can also buy a higher channel allowance.