Looking for a Sip Provider

Hi all,

I’m looking for a SIP provider for my Asterisk box. I prefer to have unlimited outgoing and free incoming and also the ability to add additional DID’s to the account. I am currently using Broadvoice but would like to go cheaper if possible. Anyone have any good providers that they really like?

I used to use Broadvoice. Try Callcentric. Still not too excited about them but cheaper then broadvoice and offer what your looking for. I mainly have pay per minute providers.

I like VoipInnovations. Tell them I said hi.

Try Voxbone (inbound only). I use several but they are by far the best in terms of self service portal and infrastructure in general.
Some of the DID’s are cheap but few quite expensive. Coverage is ok, but I hope they will extend.
For outbound choose the closest one to you (in terms of latency, the lower - the better).

Do you know any provider who can support T.38 fax data on SIP ?