Decent VOIP/DID provider(s)


I’ve searched up and down the net for providers that offer VOIP and or DID services. I come across many but most look rather shady… I do not realy feel like (or have to the time to) test all of them.

So… Are there any good comparative lists out there? or should we start one here?

My needs are rather basic. I need:

  • a voip provider that allows me to call the world at decent rated (I do not need ‘free’)
  • a provider that offers me a DID number (pref. in the Denver area).
  • IAX would be nice, SIP will do.

many time charges depend on your call volume. so can you email me your traget destination where you will make calls thru this SIP trunk.
we will provide both the service with quality routes . plz send me detail mail on-
or you can call us on US TOLL FREE number 1800NOVANET


I have used a couple of different providers. So far the service I’ve had with has been fine, no problems at all. But then again I’m not running a full blown call center through them either.

They have iax and DID’s available from all over the US. The rates are good and so far I’ve had nothing in the way of trouble with them.

Thank you…

CallWithUs seems to be decent. The website is clear and there are many options available. They charge about $5,- per month for an DID and that is a bit more then I hoped to spend at this moment while I’m only playing around…

I’ve setup a free(!) DID from IPKall via IAX which seems to work (haven’t done much testing yet).