Looking for good SIP Trunk supplier

I have used several over priced SIP Trunk and DID suppliers but know and saw someone using A real cool kind of exchange site where sellers had Lines channels trunks with codec used trading post type site. Anyway I was not into Asterisk at that time thus have no idea where it is on the web. Can Anyone tell me a good supplier?? I am in the USA
Thank you

I’m happy with https://www.digium.com/products/sip-trunk/pricing (they support Asterisk!)


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Check out ESI. Competitive pricing, reliable service, and the best support there is.


email me at support@conf247.com and i will send you a test account with some credit. If you are happy with the quality and price we will go ahead.

We’ve been very happy with Flowroute. We converted around 150 Numbers from several T1/PRI connections. Great Support and good pricing. Easy to use Web Management Interface. We have six Asterisk Servers. Three of them use the same Flowroute Account.

Flowroute and Twilio are the 2 I use. I will probably move most everything to Twilio and only use Flowroute as a backup because of the better pricing and year with zero issues. But, on the very occasional times when I’ve needed support, Flowroute has always been really good.