Chanspy attach to wrong channel


I’m having a trouble with Chanspy. When we try to spy exten 472 (SIP), we actually hear the call of extension 970 (custom). 970 is a queue member (queue 650), just that.


[2014-06-17 15:19:25] VERBOSE[2123] pbx.c: – Executing [*55472@from-internal:6] ChanSpy(“SIP/452-0002e13e”, “SIP/472,qb”) in new stack
[2014-06-17 15:19:25] VERBOSE[2123] app_chanspy.c: == Spying on channel SIP/4721519640-0002d789
[2014-06-17 15:19:25] NOTICE[2123] app_chanspy.c: Attaching SIP/452-0002e13e to SIP/4721519640-0002d789

Channel SIP/4721519640-0002d789 is an incoming call from queue 650, where is extension 970.

Can anyone help me? I think is an Asterisk bug… :confused: