Chanspy attaching to wrong channel

I have an AGI that I am working on and I have working right about ~80% of the time it runs. The script whispers a sound with chanspy to a specific user in a meetme conference. The idea is I want the sound played for that user and that user alone. My script uses chanspy to spy on that users channel and then play them the sound. The issue I am having though is that when it doesn’t work right chanspy attaches to the wrong channel. I have debugged and debugged till my head hurts. I can’t find anything wrong with the script or the data it is passing to chanspy. Even when chanspy attaches to wrong channel it was given the right channel and the user is on that line. It seems like chanspy is somehow mixing up the channels and attaching to the wrong one. I am happy to upload my script if anyone wants to have a look, but I haven’t found much on chanspy getting the channel wrong in my web searches. Any thoughts or help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am using asterisk 1.8.29

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Anyone else seeing anything like this or experiencing similar issues with chanspy? Is there maybe a more reliable alternative to chanspy?

Eavesdrop on a channel attached to a specific extension and whisper to it if desired.


does that share similar source case as chanspy? When I used it I got the same results. It seemed to feet confused and pick the wrong extension.