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I want to start my asterisk using “asterisk -cvvvvv” and i get all report … and i don’t know …
Is it correct for SIP working, or not? I need only SIP channel, but PJSIP channel is it too need?
What have I do now? What does mean this error below?
Asterisk start error.txt (35.2 KB)
AND I want install pjsip channel, but finish is fail too …
pjsip_install.txt (15.7 KB)
my comments are with #…


You don’t need to install PJSIP manually. In 16 it will automatically download, build PJSIP to our specs, and include a copy for use in the PJSIP modules. It’s entirely possible that by installing PJSIP yourself you confused the process and things weren’t built properly. I’d suggest uninstalling the PJSIP you built, rerunning configure in Asterisk, and rebuilding Asterisk.

The install of PJSIP failed because make install was run as an ordinary user, when it should have been run as root.

Thanks, only could you write me how do it?

Are you only loading specifics modules or using autoload?

If you aren’t using autoload then you also need to ensure is loaded before PJSIP modules.

Installing process I took from wiki …
and i think that it was autoload.

That refers to PJSIP. I’m referring to Asterisk itself (in the modules.conf file). Your output makes it seem as though you are loading only some parts of Asterisk, not all of it.

I see already … in modules.conf I have autoload=nomodules.conf.txt (2.7 KB)
Which items i have give as comments “;”

I can see only channel pjsip, but SIP is unvisible ??? why?

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