Certain calls not recording

Server Environment
FreePBX 13.0.169
Asterisk 13.10.0
Centos 6.6

I’ve been having an issue with call recording. Most calls are recorded, however, calls that are blind transferred are not getting recorded.

This is what happens:

A caller reaches our receptionist (we have 6 receptionists) via a reception queue
The receptionist talks to the caller for a few minutes
The receptionist puts the caller on hold and dials a queue
An available agent will answer and the receptionist will talk to them for a minute to transfer the details.
The receptionist will blind transfer the caller to the agent using the FOP2 panel
On the back end, we get a recording of the caller on hold before talking to a receptionist. Then the receptionist calling the agent and talking to them for a minute. There is no recording of the agent talking to the caller. It’s like it falls into a black hole.

For reference, I have call recording set as follows

Inbound Route: Force

Reception Queue: Yes

Reception Extension
Inbound External: Yes
Outbound External: Yes
Inbound Internal: Yes
Outbound Internal: Yes

Agent Queue: Force

Agent Extension
Inbound External: Yes
Outbound External: Yes
Inbound Internal: Yes
Outbound Internal: Yes

Any ideas?



I recommend you ast on the FreePBX Forum at http://community.freepbx.org


After extensive testing and troubleshooting, the FreePBX team had me switch to Asterisk 11, and the issue disappeared!

What we found was that when a call was transferred using the button on the phone, the call would stop being recorded.

If a call is transferred via FOP2, the call records fine.

The issue is definitely with Asterisk 13, but I’m not really sure how to communicate exactly what is wrong.

I’d like to think that I can upgrade to Asterisk 13, 14 and beyond and not have to be concerned that this issue hasn’t been resolved.

Additional data:
The agent is dialing an external line, placing that person on hold, then transferring the call to a queue, that fails over to a time condition, which calls a ring group.

Some of this complexity was added in an attempt to bypass the very issue in question.

The call will go through, but will stop recording as soon as the external line and the second agent are connected.