Camp on

Hello All

Has anyone done any work around camp on busy extension? The legacy Pbx had this as a standard feature.

Try this: … ices+(CCSS

This facility is more used for Callback. Camp on allows you to transfer someone to a busy extension, it will put the caller on hold and alert the calee that someone is holding.

I think “camp on” is something of a marketing term (as are some of the others I will use). I’ve certainly seen it used for “ring back when free” type services and for “call waiting” type services. However, with the latter, the call waiting service is actually one to callee, and may or may not be associated with queuing the call. In some cases, Asterisk queues can provide the on hold sort of camp-on, but without the call waiting indication.

You need to try and specify what you need in non-marketing terms, always understanding that any requirement to exactly match a competing product is likely to lead to disappointment.

Hello David

Thanks for responding. Sorry, on the legacy Pbx it’s called campon. The feature is such that if you transfer a call to an extension that is buy, it will beep in the busy extension ear and the person that is “camping” will here on hold music while waiting for the extension to become available

Hope this is clearer


Are you using SIP phones? Most such phones will accept a second incoming call and flash a light to inform the person on the phone. They will typically signal Ringing to the PABX, so the caller will here ringing. All callers will get handled that way.