Carrier phone number database

I was wondering if there is a free/open data database that we can access to verify the carrier of a particular phone number.

Thanks in advance

If you want something that’s free and accessible to anyone, I believe Telnyx can do that for you.

Hey interlinked!

I did see it while the service is perfect I can’t run bulk requests (in Millions) without costing an arm and a leg…
I figured this info must be part of the open data initiative and accessible. Any other suggestions or pointers?

How granular do your requests need to be?

If NPA-NXX-X is fine, then you could use something like Local Calling Guide or Telco Data, etc.

If you really need on a per-number basis at that scale, you probably will have to pay for that.

No one is going to let you do millions of lookups at once or even in a short period of time. Why would one need to lookup millions of DIDs at a single time?

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@InterLinked when you say NPA-NXX-X you mean figuring out what block do they belong to and who owns that block? The problem is porting and the numbers that move from a carrier to another makes that idea almost useless the results are changing on a daily basis

@BlazeStudios well there are plenty of datasets that are downloadable under open data… I have a use case for it that is why

Numbers port every day. Whatever data you have today may not be correct tomorrow. To my knowledge and many others there is no free service. We all pay per dip.

that is basically what I want to build… kind like a realtime search engine whether by hosting the data or querying it.

But you will need to use one of the LRN providers. There is no one that offers unlimited lookups.

any ideas who are the cheapest ones?

You can use Alcazar networks for LRN on Pay Per Dip or on A Monthly Flat Rate.